Tuesday, May 22, 2012

83. The Hermit Rediscovers Humanity

Such beauty:
leaves shimmer with unspoken secrecy;
dragonflies dance in iridescent hues.
Languishing under shade beneath the
mid-noon oak
there is joy, and

But another human eye,
like mine;
an arm, a mouth,
all like mine:
movement, speech –
like mine:

this is some strange and clever game!

Unlike trees with their sullen rules,
suns with their odious paths:
I am mystified, baffled by this
unpredictability, this
depth and unobservable,
attainable mystery –

and for you to feel the
to feel the world begin anew with

is this what every being
should desire!

Emerging from my vigil
of the bottom of the
Rusalka, selkie, Naiad:
return from the lonely depths
and regard these
creatures silently,

it is no wonder they have risked their
fragile hearts and sparkling realms for
to live and breathe and love –
how grand!

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One Art, to recognize, must be,
Another Art to Praise.

- Emily Dickinson