Sunday, September 30, 2012

111. Irresolution

Photo by: Steven Hausler / Reuters

Something is lost in the
cold words.

Unresolved cadence of
distant trains whistling;
the world becomes real when we step
outside, the searing
tugs at skin,

Cold words cannot make me cower
unintelligibly on the
carpeted floor,
huddled in strange
depressive ecstasy

But it is the beginning
of that,
the start of something, of

little muddy footprints on the
Colorado snow
insignificant, leading
nowhere, leading

Saturday, September 22, 2012

110. Wild Child

Photo by: Chris Langton

Hairs stand golden,
glistening bristles on your face and
there is a certain danger,
exotic recklessness
drawing me to you.
I am afraid of you, and
enamoured of you;
I am your predator,
I am your victim.

Wild child;
cannot be tamed, must be put far away.
Lions in their cages
do not bite;
tigers in captivity do not

Wild child,
I love you.
But it is a far more
lethal beast
unleashed in me,
all-consuming, powerful,
which would ruin me.

Stay away, oh
wild child,
you are a foreign beast;
I must keep you to those who
know you well,
while I regard at a distance,
hesitant, curiously.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

109. Radieux, ├ętranger

2 galaxies collide,
silent in the airless
what are the chances;
what is the

Quantification cannot classify,
instruments cannot perceive;
exhilaration of the unknown
exalts the most uncharted

As we part, there are
stars in the sky, in
the streetlamps.
Moving on our separate paths,
destined for our solitary
it is so beautiful
we can meet in such
covert darkness, ephemeral,
out of the millions of the collisions
that could have been,
and never will be