Monday, August 29, 2011

30. The Summer Dies

As sunlight draws its coronets
the trees present themselves as royalty.
Unearthly twilight dyes the world
and every leaf appears as if a god.

Your face, angelic, rose to me,
enchanted, stirring in me tender love.
Illuminated in such light,
could any mortal eye be thus deceived?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

29. Embrace

A second sun dawns, though unfinished –
bequeaths some strange and limber shining:
eternal tremolos surged, rippling;
the most ephemeral of moments
returns undying happinesses,
recounting such a thousand sonnets:
my heart requited on the smitten grass –

Saturday, August 20, 2011

28. Sustenance

The fateful glimpse: your winning eyes –
a longing steals me by surprize.
And as I see you from afar,
your smile perforates my heart.
And awful pinch of jealousy
assaults upon my armoury;
but your endearing laugh erupts
and fills me once again with love.
Contriving for a glance from you,
attiring as the desperate do;
inviting conversation in
and grinning often from within –
I search, I search for your return,
but it is only I that burns.
Oblivious you stand, alone,
some perfect, unrequited stone.
I can convince myself quite well
of some odd bashfulness that dwells;
that mutely and covertly lies
eternal meaning in your sighs.
But then - abandoned and upset,
I try to foolishly forget:
your glance cannot revoke its toll,
engraved upon my injured soul.
And haunted, as I live through pain,
I – silent – trudge upon my way,
diverting my unhappy thoughts
to follies, empty and distraught;
but vain possessions cannot fill
my solitude and thwarted will.
Though as the weeks pass and the days
and hours spend themselves away,
I start to toss away the dreams,
forgetting all that could have been.
And if you one day loved me too,
would I return if it were true?
I loved you more than you could know;
to sacrifice that childish hope
would be excruciating pain;
but I would leave you all the same
and wish that you could find the one,
that you would cherish only them
as much as I have longed for you,
and grudgingly relinquished you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

27. Lips, Eyes, Nose

lips eyes nose
charm curse craving
smile blink glimpse
face arms legs

joy pain happiness
love loss suffering
thought glance fantasy
hope hunt hug

whisper murmur silence
live lose remember
search find forget
yearn rewind recall

26. Modulation

These clothes are not mine,
this bed is not mine.
I am in some horrific costume
but I remember all the rules.
I exist in a foreign realm;
strange centuries tattoo my arms –
they are not –
mine –

Take me away to some correct place
so I can say my name
and they shall know that
stars should act properly:
they should not parade in my head,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

25. Little Acorn

Buried in the heart of earthly pleasures:
not a whisper of your soul resounds.
Can I flee in vain forever, thusly?
Rounds of acrid laughter futile peels;
artificial saccharines grow weaker:
Great, immortal seed of sylvan love -
Germinate, and overrule the heavens!
Empty follies cannot bar your path.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

24. Unfinished

How it must be - like a little grain
to stare upon the sky

How it must be - at the funeral
to realize permanence

How it is to greet th’unseeing wind,
caressing oxygen -