Tuesday, April 24, 2012

70. In a moment

From the epicentre,
a note rings, born from her
assertive hands.

Metres away, so close
to hear her breathe,
I hang from Loge 13, Seat A3;
I can only see the back,
her floral-printed black

Enslaved by each phrase,
each mordent, trill, and
the subtleties of the
da capo.

Why is it this one second
of rapture is forever captured by my
mind’s eye:
this one movement,
this one bar, this one
Reverberating forever
like some God-sent
miracle –

artistry personified
in a micromoment of

On hearing pianist Hélène Grimaud perform her Resonances programme at her 2011 Royal Conservatory début.
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One Art, to recognize, must be,
Another Art to Praise.

- Emily Dickinson