Wednesday, December 7, 2011

39. Superiority Complex

I. Vissi d’arte

We live on
butterfly wings and moonshine;
we reside in mountains of the gods.
Immortal muses, oracles.
We cast our fatal whims
unto the course of history:
you will remember us, forever.

A delicate breed,
lighter than air:
we radiate our prophetic suns,
and you cower in your

We break easily,
but repair well.
We grow prettier with age,
features beatified until we
become our own

II. Test Tube Baby

Observing and pretending,
all gathered for the harvest season.
It all is masks and mirrors –
yet all of this seems so well acted;

Though this is who they are:
an exile in familiarity,
the silent outcast sees
too clearly where the weary difference lies.

We all are meant for this –
this hyper-symmetry, these fragile means,
and all this labouring:
experiments – show nothing of oneself.

Oh, I have acted best,
becoming one such Individual,
this seamless stitch of Us,
mundane, presentable, unwavering;

But I cannot relinquish
the secret of my own creation,
for in those glassy confines,
my everlasting slavery was born.

III. Escape Artist

Construct –
an alternate
alla Donizetti.
Words hear
like arias,
glass harmonicas
my elaborate
cadenzas –

You are all
Pursuing you,
flitting, one to another, feverish –
you must have
fled some other opera
and invaded
mine –

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One Art, to recognize, must be,
Another Art to Praise.

- Emily Dickinson